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Wouldn't be superb to have a new free ringtone to reflect the mood of each new day on your nokia phone, whenever you feel like it? It's free and very easy, but you have to learn how to download information from a computer to your nokia phone.

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You can copy anything you want, such as music, ringtones, photos, or useful applications from your PC to your nokia. This technique is based on the use of a removable memory card, but there are other methods for transferring data, such as Bluetooth,USB cable or infrared. The advantage of the memory card technique is that it cannot be restricted by any software, connection or service provider, and the procedure is principally the same, regardless of the phone model.

So, to download free nokia phone ringtone for free you need:

- A smart phone nokia with removable memory card, or a camera nokia phone. - A computer with built-in memory card reader, or a memory card reader with a USB cable. - USB port in your computer for the memory card reader which is free.

You can download ringtones you have extracted from your CDs, or photos you have snapped with your digital camera, as long as they are stored on your computer's hard disk for free.

1.You must plug your memory card reader into the free USB port on your computer.
2.You have to remove the memory card from your nokia.
3.The new window on your computer screen will question you what you want to do with the new Disk Drive. Scroll down the window and choose Explorer. Select Explorer for listing the contents of your memory card to download free phone ringtone.
Using the Explorer application, locate the object on your computer that you want to copy onto your phone. If you haven't created and named your own folder and subfolder hierarchy and names, look for objects in folders that are labeled "My Documents", "My Music" or "My Pictures" "Download my new ringtones to nokia for free".
5.If you want to succeed when download things to your phone you have to do the following things - the nokia phone anticipates to find ringtones in one folder, wallpapers in another, and other things in their respective folders. Everything has its place and you have to know where to copy or download crank ringtones onto the phone's memory card.

If you don't know where to copy them, the phone won't recognize the new things at all.

Free new Ringtones - you have to copy your ringtones from the computer to the Sounds folder on the memory card. WAV and MIDI audio files are excellent choices for cool nokia ringtones, because they work on most phones. If your cell-phone can play MP3 ringtones, go ahead and try it. Before copying an MP3 song to the phone, it's a good idea to cut the song shorter so that it doesn't occupy unnecessary space in the phone memory - for example, Cdex software can do it for you or a program named MP3 Sound Cutter).
Select your new ringtone

6.Finally remove the memory card from the reader, put it back into your nokia phone and make the final preparation: change the wallpaper, choose the new ringtone as the default sound, or just download free nokia phone ringtone and you're done.

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