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Monday, August 6, 2007
Phonezoo, the first service dedicated to helping consumers easily create, find, and share personalized ringtones for free, today announced the launch of The company's technology combines user-generated content and the collective intelligence of the Phonezoo community to deliver a ringtone service poised to disrupt a $600MM market in the U.S. Phonezoo takes the cost and complexity out of the process, and makes selecting and creating multiple ringtones free and easy for anyone. To sign up for a personal, free ringtone account with Phonezoo

The market is already enormous - according to Mary Meeker, Morgan Stanley Internet analyst, "Currently personalized data services for mobile devices, from ringtones to screensavers, are a $20 billion global business." The massive mobile generation continually challenges the status quo, demanding more personalization and choices more often. With Phonezoo, mobile users can exercise a new level of personal freedom and customize their phones with an unlimited number of the most personally compelling ringtones.

Phonezoo is completely free to consumers. Until now, consumers had to pay an average of $2.50 per ringtone and options were limited to the audio segments prepackaged and sold by wireless carriers or the pay-per-ringtone services. Phonezoo doesn't charge for ringtones and you don't need to buy any conversion software. With Phonezoo you are using the existing music and audio files in your own library, or files that are publicly available on the Internet, so there are no charges and no copyright issues.

Ringtones are fun and personalized. Phonezoo makes creating and sharing ringtones fun. Consumers can compose unique ringtones from any segment of any song or audio file they own; and they can create completely new and different ringtones from any sound source.

Creating custom ringtones is easy. Phonezoo's simple process for creating personalized ringtones makes it quick and easy for users to create ringtones and get them to their phone.

Phonezoo makes finding and sharing great ringtones a breeze. Phonezoo's service gives users the ability to tap into the collective creative power of the Phonezoo community to find highly-rated, unique ringtones. Users can share their creations with friends, family and other Phonezoo community members.

"Phonezoo is giving consumers the power to personalize their mobile devices in more ways than ever before -- we are thrilled to be the first service to provide the mobile generation with a community to explore, share, and create free ringtones," said Ram Ramkumar, CEO of Phonezoo. "We understand consumers' passion for ringtones - the most popular form of mobile content - and look forward to expanding our services to give consumers the creative control they demand."

How it works

Phonezoo makes it easy for anyone to create custom ringtones - there are only a few simple steps. First, create a user name and password and register your phone number to verify the phone indeed belongs to you. Next, choose the "create ringtone" tab and select any audio or music file (MP3, WAV, M4A, AAC or WMA) from your computer to upload into Phonezoo. Select the segment of the song or audio file to make into a ringtone and send it to your phone. Last, assign the new ringtone as the default or assign it to anyone in your address book Co with Phonezoo it's that easy.

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